Thursday, September 6, 2012

18-2 baby!

The JV team won big tonight 18-2!  My big ol' handsome son was the sole Center for the team (made long snaps, too - for punts and extra points!).  There were only two punt snaps at the beginning of the game which were high, the rest were sheer perfection.  

Our hearts were full in our chests.
Missin' you like crazy 'bout now, Grandpa Bud! 


Anita said...

Your dad would be sooooooo proud of Garrett's (obviously inherited) football acumen and prowess. Way to go team!!
Isn't it so fun watching your kids grow into adults in moments like this game?

lizzerd said...

please give #2 a huge hug from us & tell him how proud we are of him! so glad that our kids have more athletic ability than we did (ok, so a snail has us beat, but whatever).