Saturday, September 1, 2012

my thoughts on the rnc

I must say how impressed I am at the job each of the speakers did at the Republican National Convention.  It is nice to know that there are still many strong folks fighting for life, less government, and bringing the National Debt to a manageable level.  The adage "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" is truly the attitude of the Republican Party.  Not so with the other side.
they are quite willing to have people dependent on them for their "daily fish."

My favorites: Condi Rice, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Susana Martinez, and, of course, each of the Romneys.  Clint Eastwood was edgy, but he was hilarious.  I hope it rang out with other Americans when he said "We own America, and politicians are employees of ours."  I really wanted to hear Artur Davis, but somebody had to bathe my fifth-born that night!  I think Chris Christie was good, and I like what he has done in New Jersey, but he did chat about himself quite a bit.  Finally, I thought Marco Rubio was great, but his nervousness was a distraction.

I even came away from the event with a little crush on Ann Romney, who did a wonderful job giving us insight on the fact that her husband quietly gets things done, without tooting his own horn.  Also, not only does she rock a classically-styled, vintage inspired wardrobe, she is beautiful and she has a remarkable patina from all that she has been through.  She has a very approachable air about her.  Not stuffy or conceited at all.  She is going to make quite a wonderful First Lady.

I had a quick conversation with a friend who said she "likes Romney," but she just wished he wasn't so rich.  What?!?  I have no problem at all with the fact that his bank account is what it is.  'Cause you know what that means?  It means that 1) he knows how to make money and keep it, and 2) he won't be trying to get his mitts (pun intended) on our hard-earned money.
I can't say that about our current Commandant in Charge.

So, King was wondering: after a powerful convention like we had last week, what in the world will the Dems say next week?  I think I know...

1) blame Republicans for everything
2) falsify statistics and drown the viewers in a sea of numbers
3) write a fictional overview of the "successes" of their leader
4) remind America that their Fuhrer won a Nobel Peace Prize based solely on his "potential" to do something great
5) scare older Americans that Romney/Ryan will take away their benefits

We'll see, but I feel pretty certain I am right about this one.

ps- King, #1, #2, Grandma and I went to see 2016 last weekend.  I was surprised at how objective it was.  Seen it yet?

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Anita said...

First, "Girl Power" to the governors of South Carolina and New Mexico. Well done!

Second, red dress plus warm presence and pitch perfect delivery...I give Ann an A+ for her first lady type speech.

Third, Condi is always excellent. You have to admire her consistency. I so appreciated her personal description of civil rights (I am the little girl who grew up in Birmingham and could not go to the movies, but whose parents told could become president. I became Secretary of State.) She went on the describe what I believe is also our greatest civil rights issue, excellent education for all children. As someone who has devoted most of my adult life to the education of youngsters, I couldn't agree more about the gap in education.

Lastly, the boys did well also. Paul Ryan's "Let Get This Thing Done" positive attitude was infectious. Mitt came across as a competent, compassionate, even humble leader. Wow, what a difference in seeing leadership at work. It was positive with actual steps described for improvement. No apologies made for our great nation.

BTW, I agree that 2016 was surprisingly objective and terribly frightening.