Monday, September 3, 2012

sick. just sick.

King just looked up from the newspaper and told me that the president of Planned Parenthood, someone from NARAL, and Sandra Fluke are all speaking at the DNC among others. 
Gosh, I know they are proud of that.

So now we have officially delineated lines.  Republicans are Pro-Life.  Democrats are not.  With the speakers they have lined up this year, they have, once and for all, defined themselves.  They are now the Party of Those Who Are OK With Killing Babies. 

DNC. Isn't that eerily close to D&C (one type of abortion method)?

Well, let's not lose sight of the fact that Obama voted for partial birth abortion THREE times during his short time as a Senator.  Partial. Birth. Abortion. people.  That means taking a viable baby, who could survive outside of the womb, and .... well, you probably already know "how" they are performed.  If not, please, for the love of God, look it up. 

C'mon America, wake up!  Please give more love to human babies than you do to the rescued pit bulls! 

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