Wednesday, June 20, 2012

june: quite possibly my second favorite month of the year

It has been a long-standing tradition that each year for Fathers' Day, we go visit my dad's parents.  Despite the fact that my grandfather passed away last year, we still wanted to continue with the tradition.  The fact that my dad isn't here to say "Happy Fathers' Day" to stings a little less when I am surrounded by his parents and siblings.  Being in his childhood home, sitting on the cool and breezy screened-in front porch, where the air is laden with the sounds of so many bird songs, remembering the first man I ever loved, it's a slice of heaven. 
Most of the weekend's memories are inside my head, because I was too busy enjoying time with my kin folk to remember that I had a camera.

Sweet, aunt Jenny walked down with 4 and 5 to the blueberry bushes.
Don't you just love the yummy simplicity of corn flakes topped with blueberries?

#4 was amazed that all he had to do was to go shake the fig bush and all the ripe figs would fall off onto the ground.  My grandmother will probably be "amazed" when there are no figs for her to make into preserves.  I have never canned anything before (something for next year's resolution list perhaps?) but I did cut these up and boil them with water and sugar to make topping for ice cream.  If I am really inspired, I may try to make homemade fig newtons.  But, because King.loves.figs. so much they may not last long enough.

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Anita said...

... ripened blueberries, fresh figs, bird songs, memories of your sweet father and beloved grandfather, breezy front screened-in porch...sounds like a lot of reasons to move June to first place. :-)