Monday, June 4, 2012

expanding my creativity

One of my new year's resolutions was to learn to make jewelry.

I'm not sure if it really counts that I am basically stringing beads onto elastic jewelry cording, but I am going to count it as such anyway.  A year or so ago, I put an all call out to my Catholic friends to see if anyone had any medals lying around.  My incredibly beautiful, talented friend, Sue, sent me a Ziploc bag full! 
(Side note: Sue is one of the many people in my life who I would LOVE to spend more time with, because she is rich with wisdom and talent, not to mention she is an incredible, peaceful kind of mother.  But alas, since I don't get to spend time with her here on Earth, I am hoping I can sit beside her in Heaven.)

I love this piece.  The center piece, a cross, is not flashy or shiny, but simple and lightweight.  Also, the necklace is made up of 40 black beads.  In between each black bead, there is a small, shiny, silver tube.  It reminds me that so much of our lives we are in a struggle with evil, but if we keep centered on Christ, that we can make it to the bright and shiny days, even if they are short-lived. 


Another of my resolutions was to learn how to paint with oils.  Seeing as though we are halfway into the year, and time isn't standing still for me, I bought gouache paints and have started teaching myself.  Gouache is not as involved as oils, which require turpentine, linseed oil, etc.  However, the problemo is that I don't really have a vision when I see an empty canvas. 

Give me a sewing machine and some inspiring fabric and I am off to the races, but this painting thing is a bit more of a stretch.  I guess 3D is more my speed... alas, I will not give up.  My first painting- still in progress- is of a vintage VW van.  Meh.. it's just ok.  I love the colors, and I do love the windshield wipers which look like eyes peering to the side, but the design is a bit rigid. 

Vintage VW van (in progress)
I'll keep working 'til I find that relaxed style of my own.

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Anita said...

Excellent first go! I admire your choice to continue to learn and to grow in new creative directions. The necklace is inspiring with the decisions that directed its completion 40 beads, silver, cross in the center...also a good way of telling about Holy Week. The painting has strong color choices that work well together. You obviously have an eye for color. Well done!