Sunday, December 18, 2011

why loving someone fully and completely is so important

A quote from a Very. Holy. Man.  A man I shall call Fr. Charlie (mostly because that's his name)

"Our love for others is made holy and fulfilled in our total love for God. If our love for God is not total, our love for others is diminished and incomplete."

Say that second sentence aloud to yourself:  "If our love for God is not total, our love for others is diminished and incomplete."

A vast statement.  True on so many different levels.

Is there someone who you have a diminished love for?  A love that perhaps was once complete, but now is not? 

What do you need to let go of (grudge) and what do you need to hold onto (Christ's mercy) in order to have a more total love for that person ....and thereby God?

We are called to be humble.  Most of the time that's not going to be fun.. like shopping on Rodeo with a bottomless bank account.  Especially in the case where we were


And we feel justified.

Holding onto grudges.

Waving our proud banners.

Stoically standing in the same room.
ignoring, refusing to forgive.

After all, they didn't apologize.


"I was right."

I suppose Christ could have felt like that.           
Cause what did He ever do to deserve what He got?          

What if you can't get into Heaven because of that one person


You gonna be ok with that?

A tough challenge~

Now say this out loud:
"I love God so much, that I am going to drop this grudge I have.  I am going to forgive, even though I want to feed this anger.  It is mine.  It takes a lot of energy from me.  I don't want to own it anymore.  I will let it go.  And in doing so, I can know what it feels like to love God with a total, holy, love."


Anonymous said...

A timely lesson. For many. Another thing to ponder...why is it that we hurt the ones to whom we should be the closest the most? For example, spouses, siblings and/or their spouses, etc.
The saddest part is that the innocent ones get caught in the emotional crossfire. Children are the hardest hit. They become alienated from family members who love them.
Just speaking from experience here. Thank you for posting this!

:o) mg said...

I know the subject WELL, and am writing from experience, too.
No matter how big or small, it's always hardest at first, but easiest in the long-run to forgive.

Anita said...

I'm not a big grudge holder for wrongs done to me because, honestly, it wears me out to hold a grudge. For me, forgiveness is a process not an event. I get into trouble with forgiveness when someone I love is injured. My mama bear wants to set things straight and right away.

This is a very insightful lesson. Thanks for sharing it.