Wednesday, December 7, 2011

shopping cart pirates

No 5, her wee little friend, and I were at the dollar store the other day.  There is SO much to look at and touch, especially for the wee'uns, so I decided they would ride in the shopping cart (or "buggy" for all of y'all below the Mason Dixon Line). 

Trying to see the bright side of being contained in a small space, No 5 says, "Hey, why don't we be pirates?  I'll be the Captain." 

Her friend agreed and added, "That's a great idea!  I can be the Land Ho'er!"


Bia said...

One of our boys' favorite memory is that of Nana who would each give them $5 and then let them to the dollar store to "go shopping". They would be in there FOREVER!

lizzerd said...

that is so cute!!!!

Anita said...

Love the imagination!