Thursday, December 22, 2011

it's gingerbread house-making day!

King says mine is a little Frank Lloyd Wrightish.

No. 5 says hers is a castle. And before you even think to ask, yes she did put on each of those m&ms all by "herselth."
This is the church that my sweet No. 4 (future priest?) made.

No. 2 thought for a moment that he actually liked the taste of Gum Drops.  Blech.

No. 3 was the only one who was expecting a blizzard.  Clever girl.


No. 1, who cannot eat wheat, made this mitten using her special wheat-free bread.  She is learning to decoratively ice cookies as she has been working for a friend of mine who recently opened a cookie shop.

And these are the elf donuts I made to put out with Santa's cookies and the Reindeer food on Christmas Eve! 
I hope a dozen will be enough.

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Anita said...

Great job on the houses and Santa's donuts!