Tuesday, February 8, 2011

newest and shiniest (and chocolateyest)

I am amazed, when I step back and look at all the "things" that keep us humans distracted. The drive to have what we want right now, the newest and greatest toy first controls a whole lotta people. When the store runs out of Cabbage Patch babies or when the newest technology gets sold out just before your place in line gets through the door. Imagine a child who is given candy to a child all the time and then getting to see that brat the first time they don't get what they want. What's worse is when that kid grows up. It is disappointing to see the shallowness of a person's character when they are denied.
I'm not casting stones, mind you.
I mean you should see me when I have a late night hormone-induced craving for chocolate and Dairy Queen closed 5 minutes ago.
Not. Pretty.


Anita said...

What? Sorry, I was playing with my Iphone. Now what was that again? ;)

lizzerd said...

ooooo shiny! squirrel!!!