Friday, February 11, 2011

for what it's worth

Life's too short to drink your latte with skim milk.
Yesterday no.1 and some friends wanted to go to a nearby coffee bar after school. (I will pause here so that those of you who are as old as or older than me can reflect on today's teen trends.) I let her stay about an hour or so and picked her up on the way home from no. 3's fiddle lesson. When I went in to "collect" her I was overcome by the beautiful smell of coffee and gave in to my craving for a large latte.
Since I was not at Starbucks, and they don't speak Italian like they do at SB's... words like "Venti Breve Latte".... anyway, I forgot myself and just said "a large latte, please." It was not only expensive, but it was disappointing as well. *sigh* Lesson learned.
For those of you who know what I'm talkin' about... oh yeah... *knuckle bump*
For those of you who don't drink coffee... it's like the difference between a half melted snow cone that your kid decided he didn't want and a "whole serving" of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk.


Bia said...

oh, i know what you're talking about ;-)

Anita said...

The noncoffee drinkers in the crowd appreciate the explanation at the bottom. :-)