Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 random things about me

Can't remember if I have posted this before or not.

1- My favorite color is black. Not because I am weird, but because black is a color that makes all the other colors around it look that much better.

2- I love shopping in thrift stores.

3- Solving a problem by thinking outside the box thrills me.

4- I am overweight and if I spent as much time exercising as I did obsessing about fat, I would be anorexic.

5- Five is how many c-sections I have had.

6- My brain sees a "Far Side" cartoon in every situation.

7- My smile is my favorite thing about me.

8- Clean sheets are one of the things I love. Bic brand medium point blue ink pens are another.

9- I can handle doing a menial task longer than most people.

10- I regret having bought a front loading washer/dryer, even though my laundry room looks really nice.

11-I kept a perm in my hair from 5th grade until 10 years ago.

12- I have a "thing" for old tables, old linens, and old pewter.

13- I tend to be a pleaser, a peacemaker, and I cannot stand confrontation.

14- I love being married and cannot wait for my husband to retire.

15- I get misty-eyed at the drop of a hat.

16- I love tent camping.

17- I am the middle child of three children. My brother, the oldest, was born with mental retardation and had to be institutionalized at the age of 7 due to a major seizure disorder. My mom almost miscarried her pregnancy with me. My sister was born with a diaphragmatic hernia, which has a minuscule survival rate percentage. She was dark blue when she was born and had to undergo surgery immediately (this was 36 years ago). I am blessed with two incredible siblings.

18- The smell of cat urine is the grossest smell in the world.

19- It drives me crazy to see words like "finally" or "dining room" spelled wrong (ie "finnally" or "dinning room")

20- I want to be a birdwatcher when I grow up.

21- I stopped smoking about a year before I had my 4th child. Now, seeing someone smoking makes me sad for them. I pray that they will find a way to quit.

22- I am one of those cooks that rarely follows a recipe. I just go by what flavors taste good together.

23- I read magazine backwards, as in I start from the back and work my way toward the front.

24- On the morning of my birthday in 2004, I needed something from my memorabilia box which is stored in the attic. King brought it down for me and when I opened it, there was a smaller box right on top of all the stuff. Inside there was a note that my dad had sent to me when I was at college. It said: "Happy Birthday! I wish I could be there on your special day." (He died in 1988). I thought it was hilarious and so much fun and through laughter and tears of joy I yelled out, "Thanks, Dad!" One of the best days I have had in my life.

25- I have a "wine-stain" birthmark on the side of my left foot.


Anita said...

Loved learning a few new things about you. Only one suprised me, #16. For real? After all of that tent camping when we were little it still seems fun?

Anita said...

Bird watching, magazines from back to front, clean sheets, old tables, pleaser, far side...we might be related!

Loved #24!

MaryPat said...

Don't remember seeing this-love it! Most unusual thing to have in common-I too read a magazine backwards..
I love your birthday story! xoxo

Bia said...

i am that way about sheets, too! i once read that Jackie Kennedy had HER sheets changed every day and i remember thinking: she is so lucky. (she also had her towels changed 2x/ day ... again, lucky.)

my favorite color used to be black, now it's brown.

now, i'm FINNALLY going to clean my DINNING room (wink, wink)

MJDMom said...

I hate my frontloader too! : )

lizzerd said...

i think i already knew all of those things about you. none of it was a surprise to me at all. (you're so anal-retentive! haha)
btw, your favorite sister (who loves you more than her luggage) is 38, not 36. :)

:o) mg said...

Takes one to know one (ocd) I actually wrote the list 2 years ago on fb and didn't catch the mistake.