Thursday, January 6, 2011

a simple thing

After a day with the word "Mommy" whined at least a thousand times by an I-don't-feel-good-3-year-old while I am trying to keep everything together (my sanity really):

pick the kids up on time, can't be late to fiddle lessons, pick my fiddler up on time, break up so many after school arguements, two injuries, and King's phone call "I just left Atlanta and will be home after 6:30" on a night that I had hoped would be a very special Epiphany celebration....

...... imagine the wings my heart received when my little butterfly boy came in and said with such enthusiasm, "Mommy Mommy guess what I just saw?!?!?! An airplane that just disappeared into the clouds!"

Who cares if that made 1002 times I heard my moniker?
That was purely God's grace running through the door at a time when I needed it most.

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Anita said...

God's gracefilled encouragement! Out of the mouth of babes....