Saturday, January 29, 2011

chocolate cherry scone mix

A friend of ours gave us this package of chocolate cherry scone mix as a Christmas gift. I was saving it to make until a special occasion. This morning seemed to be that day I was waiting for. I thought it was very fitting to use my new heart shaped bowl from the Target $ section to mix the batter. It was just so pretty I had to snap a picture.

This same friend and her husband host a St. Valentine's Day party each year. For a week or more, she lovingly prepares delicious desserts to serve. When you walk into the warm glow of their home that night, you are met with the smiles of great Christian couples, you smell the yummy aroma of chocolate, sugar, and hot coffee. She has been doing it for years and she said she got great advice once, "You pick a holiday and every year host a party." She says Christmas is so booked with things to do, but that not many people throw a party for Valentine's Day. I happen to think it is brilliant.

What do you do special to celebrate the Special Day of Love?

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Lisa said...

We have a large statue of the Blessed Mother. We make her valentines and decorate her place of honor. Then the boys (my hubby and whatever of my six sons are available) cook a nice dinner and serve us girls (me and the four daughters). It's totally my favorite holiday.