Thursday, January 6, 2011

addicted to ladders: where's the next rung?

Why is it that when someone goes through a major transformation or big change in their life, they leave their old life and their old friends behind?

I know the entertainment biz is filled with people like that, but I suppose people from all walks of life fall prey to it. From the strike-it-rich homeless man who finds himself famous, the small town girl who quickly rose to the top with her talent, voice, or beauty, the athlete with an incredible gift, or the mom who came up with a brilliant product that no one can life without. I suppose that after awhile, seeing someone from their past reminds them of their "old lives"... a life they are ashamed of?

I don't suppose it helps that the media feeds the "15 minutes of fame" concept. All the reality shows that flood the pages of TV Guide, shows like Oprah, even seemingly insignificant programming such as QVC (the rebirth of Joan Rivers) help stoke the fires of fame and glory.

I dunno.

All the fame, fortune, and glory can be used for good, this is true. A person would have to be incredibly diligent about staying humble and living God's will. But more often than not, I think Satan uses it for his own cross-purpose of God's will. The "instantly famous" often become addicted to the next "high", the next rung of the ladder, but with Satan's scaffolding, there is nothing at the top. Many who are climbing find that when they take that "top step" they fall way down into an abyss.

And who do you think is there waiting for them at the bottom? The same folks who were there all along.

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