Thursday, January 6, 2011

ours... how was yours?

Happy Epiphany.
The Three Kings.
Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh.

I know I should be celebrating, and perhaps later today our family can honor today's special feast day at dinnertime. But right now my heart is heavy. The kids are all back at school and I am missing them. We had such a beautiful Christmas. On Christmas Day we went to Mass at 9 a.m., which was just beautiful. So nice to get away from the anxiety of the world and stop to praise God for His Plan of Salvation in the Christ child. We were all so relaxed when we got home from church, King and I decided we would just make Christmas dinner the next day. So peaceful. In fact, there were not as many fights as I was expecting (could it be that one of my lectures stuck?).

They slept,
they ate,
they pitched in to help without TOO much eye rolling,
but most of all they played.

A lot!

Number 1 was perhaps the most significantly different person. From the time she got out of school until really just this morning, she was so happy. We didn't get that sullen teenager act that she has been lugging around for so long. In fact, at times, she was downright manic with laughter... teasing with the younger kids, wrestling, tickling. She was so much fun to be around. (Thank you, God!)

Number 2 was in football-watching heaven with his dad around so much. King took off several days the week of Christmas as well as the week before New Year's Eve. He also really enjoyed the "big gift" that we bought with the money from grandparents. It is a 3-in-1 table: pool, air hockey, and ping pong. With the help of King's brother and father, we put it up on Christmas Eve. He was the one to discover it "hiding" there in the new room. I wish I had've video taped his reaction, but here is a picture of it. You can see that #5 is holding her ears from all the noise!

Number 3, my absolute middle child, was a trooper this Christmas break as she had 4(!) teeth pulled. She was amazing. We went for the oral surgery consult (they wanted to give her anesthesia) and I mentioned that it "sure would be nice to get it out of the way today". The doctor said, "Well, I could do it today if she was ok with just laughing gas." Perfect! Kept us from having to go back again and I was more than happy for her to NOT have anesthesia! Monday she got fitted for an orthodontic appliance (Herbst for those "in the know") and got a mini set of braces on her four front top teeth. Sadly, the next day she and her little sister were diagnosed with strep.

Number 4, my five-year-old, discovered chess. The desire we saw in him to master the game and win was amazing - surely a very good characteristic that will do him nicely when applied to other areas of his life in years to come. He would cry with such sadness in his voice when his queen would get taken, but never did he say "I quit." He and I even played online chess against the computer and WON! He was giddy with excitement. Nevermind that it was set at the easiest level: "Silly" At one point he had two queens and he couldn't be more thrilled. (Note: It makes a mother happy to have a son who has such a strong desire to protects his queen. Very good character trait.)

In fact, Number 5's strep bacteria went one step further: Scarlet Fever. It is a little trying having to deal with a child who feel so badly and forgets that she still needs to have manners. She has been very cranky and demanding with a very short fuse. *sigh* This, too, shall pass, eh? She had so much fun, though, being surrounded by all her older siblings, and Mom, and Dad! We even had some cousin time. She was very happy to have all kinds of Hello Kitty stuff and princess dress ups in her stash from Santa.

So, here I am getting back into the daily grind, but I will try to make sure that tonight's celebration will include prayers that 2011 will be filled with the same beautiful peace we received on Christmas Day!

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Anita said...

No wonder Mary "pondered these things in her heart." Sometimes being thankful for the gifts takes some time and reflection. Eh? :-)