Saturday, April 10, 2010

yes, him again

Adding a spot of beautiful comic relief to the week,
in his best Game-Show-Host voice,
making sure he has everyone's full attention
(standing in the middle of the living room, slowly turning, holding his arms in the air)
your favorite and mine says:

"And now......

let's play.....
'Who.... Did.... That.... Stinky Tootie!' "


lizzerd said...

man, that was SO funny!!!
move over wink martindale!
the answer to that eternal question is, of course, "the first one who smelt it dealt it."

lizzerd said...

i found out from my kids that your #1 was the first to say that when they were up in the playroom cleaning. they did say, however that #4 was the culprit of the aforementioned "stinky tootie."