Tuesday, April 20, 2010

is life good or what?

True story. True story.
(only the Auburn grads or seasoned SEC football fans will get this one)

A couple of weeks ago, King and I went to a tapas restaurant and we tried Pad Thai for the first time (have I already mentioned this?). When I told le hubby that I'd like to try Pad Thai he looked at me with an odd tilt of the head and said, "You want to try Pat Dye?!?!" BAH hahaha.
(hrm..guess you had to be there.)

Again last week, a friend and I each took our oldest kid plus a friend of theirs to said tapas place and I introduced #1 to the delicious dish. She is allergic to wheat, so the fact that it had rice noodles was perfect. Also, she loves "da speecy-spicy", so it was a complete home run with her.
She came right home and looked in her cookbook (How to Cook Everything) that my favorite sister gave her for Christmas and was excited to not only find the recipe in there, but that the author says it is a very easy dish to make. Whooo!

Win, win situation for moi...

So now I have a teenager who loves to cook and she is going to learn to make one of my new favorite dishes.

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lizzerd said...

cool!! i guess i just bought that "favorite sister" spot for eternity, huh? nice! i hope next time i'm there she can make it for us.