Thursday, April 1, 2010

watching the clock

Lent officially ends at sundown tonight at which time the Triduum begins.
The next three days in the Catholic Church are like finding the prize in the cereal box. We congregate several times during these three days to remember what Jesus did for us.
There is a wonderful article about the Triduum here. To quote one part, "There are practices we experience during the Triduum that we see at no other time during the year: the washing of the feet, the veneration of the cross, the service of the light, the singing of the Exultet, the baptism of the elect, the reception of the candidates into full membership in the Catholic Church. It is said that the Triduum is so full of moments that can touch our inner being and move our soul that we would not be able to experience them more than once a year."
Powerful, n'est pas?
Oh, and expect to see me on Facebook tonight.

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