Thursday, April 1, 2010

a beautiful gift

#1 spent all day (no exaggeration) cooking a Seder Passover meal and before we asked for a blessing, she read aloud all the symbolism behind each food. She first explained that there are 7 things (seven, a sacred number, represents completion) on the menu.
  • Lamb - signifying the blood of the lamb that was slain at Passover, but for Christians it now represents the Paschal Lamb, the blood of Jesus who died for our sins
  • horseradish - a bitter herb symbolizing the harshness of enslaved Hebrews
  • apples and pecans with honey and cinnamon (Haroses) - which represented the mortar used by the Hebrews while in slavery
  • Potatoes with vinegar - represent their tears shed
  • unleavened bread - represents the unleavened bread that the slaves ate just before fleeing Egypt
  • Eggs - represents new life , and for Christians a new life in Christ
  • romaine lettuce - gratitude to God for all the goods of the earth

What a beautiful gift of time, energy, and love it was for her to do this. OK, she is exempt from that whiny post about our kids not having a work ethic.


vcrick said...

Stay tuned. You will see more of this as time goes by.

lizzerd said...

WOW!!! it looks yummy too! what a sweet, angelic child #1 is! wanna trade? hehehehe
what a beautiful meal on SO many levels!

Anita said...

#1 rocks!!! The meal looks outstanding. Congrats to #1 for a job well done.