Tuesday, November 17, 2009

but why?.... you feel so rotten the next day

Recently a friend of mine, a police officer, went to speak to a school about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. When she got finished with her presentation, she opened up the floor for discussion and a Q & A session. She said the kids had a lot of questions, but the one that stuck out most to her was when a fourth grader asked if it was true that "parents needed to drink each night to be able to deal with their children".

Now, of course this lends itself to a myriad of funny comments, but just ruminate on it a bit.

I am certainly no teetotaler, and I am in love with the occasional margarita. But, how many of our children are brought up to think that they are the reason mommy and daddy have to tie one on each night?

Moms get together and laugh about how their kids have driven them to drink and then while they're at it, just to keep things fair and balanced, they bitch about their husbands.

Is it just me who thinks this is all pretty sick?


lizzerd said...

some people (who shall remain nameless, but i can bet you might have an idea of whom i speak) use chocolate or really any other food, for that matter, for the same purpose.
really, i guess you could substitute anything in that blank, but the effect is the same--a method of escapism from a perceived problem. the real question here is, why do we all feel like our children/spouses are the enemy?
i blame hollywood, but then i blame them for a lot of things that are wrong with society!

Anita said...

Hmmm...a drink a night, probably not the kids' fault. :)

If a little complaining lets Mom feel better and go home and be a good mom and wife, I am all for it. If complaining continues at home with the kids and hubby, not so much in favor. Some people have to verbalize it all to process.

I always try to remember that motherhood is the best but most difficult job on the planet.

MargaretJDMom said...

Super sad. But what do you expect from a society that has no problem referring to children as "accidents" in front of them? Regarding hubbys, I went to a marriage talk recently and the speaker talked about the importance of not complaining/ tearing down spouse to others and she even said "adding bless his heart" didn't make it better! LOL.