Monday, November 23, 2009

oh yeah, forgot to tell you about these

My friend, Tori, and I went to a craft show yesterday. There was a wholelotta stuff I wasn't interested in. Probably the thing I was the least interested in was called a "Redneck flashlight" which consisted of a block of wood with a match stuck in one end. I mean, we may be redneck, but we do at least have wonna'eeze big yalla thangs:

Ennyhoo, I fell in love with the artwork of two people. One man was a pen and ink artist. His work was beautiful. He adds a tiny bit of color to the piece once the design is finished. I couldn't mentally find a place for his framed artwork in our house and the note cards, though gorgeous, were not practical. The other dude actually won me over as far as I dropped a wad'o money with him. He was a paper artist. Originally from China, his grandfather taught him the art of using an Exacto knife to carefully cut out silhouettes. My favorites were these.

Yes, those are kids trick or treating.

I don't care if it is a jack o'lantern. I think it is beautiful. And I am just eclectic enough to leave it up all year.

The top piece is children standing in line to give St. Nicholas their wish list. The piece on the bottom is a silhouette of a mom tying her daughter's hair bow. Sugar sweetness, n'est pas?

So, my plans are to make this little back hall into the world of silhouettes. I want to try my hand at paper cutting and make silhouettes of my children. There are several online tutorials about it. I can do this. Right?


MaryPat said...

LOVE the silhouettes. We have the one they made for Shannon (in Kindergarten) hanging in her room.

Oh, and this may come as no surprise but we have the log with match....Bahahahaha!

:o) mg said...
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Bia said...

I love Chinese paper sister and I used to do it all the time when we were teenagers.

I'll have to start again...brought back a lot of memories.

lizzerd said...
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