Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pms related ocd

Recently I did a "25 Random things about Me" list and one of the items I listed was that it bothers me when folks use improper grammar or misspell words.

However, today I realized that I am also rubbed the wrong way when people use the wrong word. Granted, I am most nearly a hormone hostage, but I find that I must put this in writing:

Pneumonia (pronounced NEW-monia) is an illness of the lungs.

Ammonia (pronounced AH-monia) is NOT an illness of the lungs. It is a really smelly liquid that does a bang up job getting grease out of clothes. Mixing ammonia and bleach is a no-no. (Danger, Will Robinson!)


Perryn said...

Oh, I'm with you on both of those!!!! I want to scream when I hear someone say "pacific", when the word they actually want is "specific"! AARRRGHH!!!! Come here and I'll drown you in that ocean....

The thing I detest most of all, though, is the improper use of the apostrophe. It really drives me nuts when someone uses an apostrophe in what are just plural words (e.g. tea's/coffee's/CD's instead of teas/coffees/CDs). Double arrrgghh!!!! I have been known to refuse to patronise establishments that are incapable of using the apostrophe correctly, even if they happen to be selling something I want and I have to go miles out of my way to get the item elsewhere! I know that's probably a bit OTT, but I figure if they're not paying attention to the small things, what are they missing on the really important stuff?

Normally I'm a reasonable person, but the "apostrophically illiterate" just bring out in me the urge to kill...!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!

lizzerd said...

ditto & amen to both of you! subject-verb agreement (or lack thereof) gets under my skin, too!