Tuesday, December 30, 2008

yeah...... great..... thanks for that

Electronic musical toys. Santa brought a keyboard with a microphone which magnifies the human voice. Grandma brought a musical "radio" AND a "guitar" which makes absolutely THE. MOST. ANNOYING. SOUNDS. EVER. Thanks guys.

On a separate note, come see me in my new pad.... Cell 3 of The Nuthouse. I'll be the one wearing the always fashionable all-white ensemble. We'll be ever so comfy in my room with padded walls and floor.


lizzerd said...

wow. santa needs to be flogged!! grandmothers must be forgiven, though. it's their job to do stuff like that, you know? (and that particular one takes a fiendish delight in instruments of parental torture!)

i bet you're especially grateful to a doting aunt who gave them money. money is so quiet!! hehehe

:o) mg said...

Oh, right, I forgot to mention a particular interactive Cars book that a certain 3 year old was given by his favorite maternal aunt. yeah. great. thanks for that.
Money always fits, its always the right shade of green and never has to be returned to the store.

lizzerd said...

hmm, forgot about that one. oops! sorry!!! hehehehehe

Sandy said...

Saturday night I could have been your bunkmate in that padded cell. Small kitchen + 14 people + 2 kids crawling on the floor + 1 pug + 1 cat = me tearing my hair out. A trip Sunday to the Melting Pot helped a lot. So did a couple stiff Cosmopolitans. :)

:o) mg said...

mmm..yeah, Cosmos tend to take the edge off of even the worst situation.