Tuesday, December 30, 2008

pass the popcorn

A cult movie. This is how the movie Office Space was described to us by my Netflixed brother-in-law. We watched it. It was funny. But, only about as funny as a Saturday Night Live skit after the band plays for the first time.
However, in the days which have followed, it has gotten funnier. It's humor has "cured" if you will. The lines from the movie have made their way into our daily activities and created wonderfully fresh mirth.
This leads me to another thought. This was the first movie we've seen in forever, so I think King and I need to watch more funny movies in 2009. We need to laugh more. We get stuck in such a routine and wallow in our misery, and I think more than ever, '09 will be a year that we will need to lighten up and giggle more.

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