Monday, August 25, 2008

all is quiet

Number 4 started Mother's Day Out this morning. He was so excited. Last week we went to meet his teachers and see his classroom. He did not want to leave!
He and I packed his little lunchbox and put a change of clothes in his backpack, "just in case". It was so neat to see his enormous smile as we pulled up. Bless his heart, I know he gets bored here with me ALL of the time. This will give his sweet little brain a break from these four walls and challenge his mind a little more than I do.
A friend swears I am going to miss him. And I know she is right, but more so I am happy for him. This way he will have scheduled "outside play times" which don't get put off because of baby sister's nap schedule, the mosquito factory in our backyard, or countless other stupid blockades.

So, here I am. Baby is asleep. All is quiet. Where do I start?


Bia said...

Have a cappuccino...that's where I ALWAYS start.

My little one starts next week; we'll have to get together.

lizzerd said...

you can start by calling your sister, who is still trapped at home with her 2 little ones who desperately need to be in preschool!