Wednesday, December 12, 2012

math lessons: how the faithful pay for college

So our little first born smarty pants received a letter saying she had been awarded an $18k engineering scholarship (which replaces the $18k merit-based scholarship she was also awarded.. sad, since they would make a nice amount added together).  But, YAY!

The letter also said that she should look into scholarships that the state of Gawja offers, such as HOPE and SEE (Scholarship for Engineering Education), which together would add up to $7k.

King's father has generously been giving each child money on their birthday that is earmarked for college costs.  We will certainly be using some of that each year, provided the economy doesn't tank and we lose it all.  So, in doing that math, that is $25k renewable scholarships, plus about $5 each year toward the $45k/yr cost of college. 

We are quite thankful and grateful for the money she has been awarded, but honestly, I can't imagine how we are going to come up with $15k each year for the next several years.  The good thing is that we believe in a God of miracles.  We have been held firmly in His hand and He has never forsaken us.  I do not expect that He will all of a sudden turn His hand upside down to let us fall or give us a note that says, "Dear MG and King, handle this one on your own."  I expect that the wonderful, reassuring words of St. Julian of Norwich will ring true in this situation as they do in every situation.

All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.

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