Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I just looked at an email that contained "wish lists" from needy families.

Now, before I go further, let me just say that I am worn out from projects that I have completely gotten myself into.  These have been full time jobs and not for pay.  I have to finish one big project before Christmas. Thankfully, the other two big projects are finally out of the way (whew!).
But, that's My Problem.  No one else's.  My mouth writes checks my ass hates cashing.  I digress.

All to the end that I am now Scrooge.
The Grinch.

Add my grouchiness to the fact that I can no longer justify needless decorating, spending, ho ho ho-ing.  I can only see the need for simplicity.  Strip this over-advertised "holiday" back down to it's basic origins.  Let's get back to some hay, a stable, two weary travelers, and a Savior. 

So fast forward to an hour or so when I checked my email inbox to find an email requesting help for needy families.  Yes!  Finally, something that will bring me out of this funk and get me where I need to be - helping others.
And then I read the "wish list" for one of the needy families, a family of 8:
- help paying the power, water, and natural gas bills (the family owes the utility companies nearly $800)  I can certainly understand if someone is out of a job that paying the light bill might be difficult.... but then I read further.
The email stated that the younger children are all taken care of, but the older kids "need" the following:
- an xbox 360 game, a game for a playstation III, Hollister gift cards, more gift cards to various clothing stores.


Is there something wrong with me that I don't think that if you can't pay your freaking utility bills, that you shouldn't worry about your kids having the latest electronic games?  Perhaps your money would go a little further if you spent it somewhere other than freaking Hollister?!
Imma tellya something... my kids have never (nor will ever) have any electronic games.  We don't have wii or an xbox, or any other "box".  We don't even have cable freaking tv.  We shop at the local thrift stores for most of our clothes.  We  pay our bills.  We do not waste money. 

Thankfully, there was another family on the email who needs a Christmas tree and a washing machine.  A family with 4 kids whose mother has asked for a washer, now THAT is a need.  Or the elderly man who needs a space heater.  THAT is a need. 

So sad that this world has turned into one that sees xbox as a need. 


vcrick said...

With you on this one!!

lizzerd said...

i got so angry at work because we are really pushing for donations to a local TV station's "gifts for kids" program, but completely left out the fact that we also take donations for the red cross for disaster relief..for people who have NO HOME for Christmas.
let's get our priorities straight, folks! the kids who, to be quite honest, probably don't need more crap should not take priority over people whose homes were destroyed by hurricane sandy& they've not been able to rebuild.

Anita said...

I am a fan of Salvation Army (first in a disaster, last out)and Murphy-Harpst Children's Home in Cedartown. They serve orphans and abused children who fall out of the foster care system. Some have never know a day of love in their lives. That is a real need!
Glad you found a beautiful way to bring Christmas to a family! Well done!