Monday, May 7, 2012

on worms

"Worms are our friends."

Apparently that's what I told my mom once when I was a todder.  I had just watched an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood in which he was extolling the virtues of the lowly earthworm.  As long as Mr. Rogers was the messenger, I was convinced.  Later that afternoon, as luck would have it, I was able to point out to my mom an example of one of our friends who had crawled up on our patio.  This is the day I learned the difference between an earthworm and  "damned snake".  Who knew?

So, as it goes, No. 4 has a fondness for worms as evidenced by this bulletin I found on the dining room table.  (His name was airbrushed out so y'all won't turn into scary stalker-pods who want to steal my kid and have a leg up by the fact that you know his name.)

His love for worms has grown, especially now that he OWNS two mealworms - "Mr. Jeff" and "Mr. Fred".  He is in complete and total love.  Gotta love first grade science experiments!
Below is his Very Official Scientific Method Observation Data Record Sheet. It's all very formal. Yes, Number 4 is fast on his way to becoming a Very Important Scientist pretty soon. Maybe as early as next week.  Anyway, here are his observations:

Also, I am not sure if it was Mr. Jeff or Mr. Fred, but he writes
"I have observed my mealworm jogs fast, likes me holding him, and puts his head up."

I never even knew mealworms could jog at all~
It's a proud Momma moment.


Anita said...

Obviously, No. 4 will be a brilliant scientist.

vcrick said...

You have to love a science experiment!!!!