Thursday, October 27, 2011

when you have been a very good girl can reward yourself with this.
And trust me, I am minding my p's and q's like never before!


lizzerd said...

too bad you're not minding your apostrophes!!!! grrrr! hahaa
i've wondered if that stuff is any good.

:o) mg said...

sorry... I know we just had the conversation about "he made all a's and b's" being wrong, but it just looks so stupid to say "he made all as and bs"... y'know?
And I could argue (now that I love to do a crossword puzzle) that it is right to say p's and q's because it stands for pees and ques ... (you know how they have the actual spelling of letters in crossword puzzles?) But, since it's my blog, I suppose I can just be like the honey badger. ;)