Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is homecoming week at the high school.  Each day has had a different theme:
Monday was Childhood Dream Day.
Tuesday was Pop Culture Day.
Wednesday was Out of This World Day.
Friday will be Spirit Day.

But today, my two oldest dressed up in their best Western garb.  #1 was frantically looking around for a belt she just knew we had somewhere (Could it possibly be under one of the mountains of clothes on every surface of her room?  Just askin') but had no luck in finding it.

The youngest sister of all was piled up in the bed with me being very wise to stay out of everyone's way.  Then she "uddered" (note pun) these words and I found it very hard to be serious in a seemingly flammable situation:

"Mad. Cow. Girl."


MaryPat said...

love it!

Anita said...

Hi. Larry. Us!!
(say fast)

Anita said...

So what was your childhood dream? I'd have to have dressed up as a ballerina.