Thursday, September 1, 2011

now we are six

The proud six year old celebrated his birthday Monday.  He came into my bedroom fiendishly giggling and told us that he had pulled one over on his sister (#3). 

"I played a joke on her," he boasted. 

"You did?" I asked trying to keep from killing my sweet boy with my morning breath as he was

"Yeah, I tricked her into telling me 'Happy Birthday.'  I asked her, 'What do you say to a boy on the day he goes from 5 to 6?' " 


Anita said...

Happy Birthday to a very tricky boy! :-)

MaryPat said...

SMART little buggah. Happy birthday to him!!

lizzerd said...

that clever boy! i bet i can trick him into saying "underwear". hahahahha (that's my girls' big trick)

Bia said...

ohhh ... he is soooo smart (and cute ... he's that, too).

MJDMom said...

That is so cute! You have to love how much the littles love their birthdays!!!