Tuesday, August 9, 2011

shoes on or off

I read this post.  And I was stunned....

... so what about you?  Do you prefer people remove their shoes when they come into your house?  I have honestly never given it a moment's thought. 

But now I am paranoid.
Have I been unknowingly rude?


Anita said...

Come on in my house, I'd love to have you shoes and all.

For the record, I do take off my shoes if they are filthy or there is an obvious rule at a home. BUT I would never ask a guest over the age of 10 to take off their shoes, especially an older person. I wouldn't even consider it.

Perryn said...

i'd just want people to be comfortable in my house so i have no policy one way or the other!

personally, i don't see the problem in keeping shoes on if one's housekeeping skills with a mop and vacuum cleaner are good.

besides, there has been some research which suggests that the germ-phobic, sanitize to within an inch of your life culture we all now live in has contributed to the rise of allergies and an increased susceptibility to illness because kids aren't being given a chance to build up their immune system from exposure to different germs and stuff. thus, when they do encounter a peck of muck the body doesn't know how to deal with it and goes into meltdown!

as for you being rude, MG - i don't think you could be if you tried!!!! love ya babe!

MaryPat said...

I agree with Anita- I would think it's rude to ask people to take off their shoes...but I would try to go with the flow of the house I was visiting. And like you, we don't have a shoe rule, and I have never really given it a thought. I do have a shoe rack near my front door for convenience because the kids' shoes were never making it all the way to their rooms anyhow.

lizzerd said...

i only have one friend (that i know of) with a no shoe rule. i have to remember to wear slip on shoes when i go over there. personally, i think it's kinda weird & neurotic.