Tuesday, August 2, 2011

eau de boule de pied

My incoming freshman is on the JV football team.  I am extremely proud of him.  He loves it.  Great camaraderie!  This week they began what is called "Two-a-days", meaning they practice twice in the afternoon with a break in between. 

But, y'know, I do not believe anyone in the recent history of our family has ever smelt quite like this.

Also, I'm pretty sure
"Eau de Boule de Pied (Eau de Football)"
will never be one of Giorgio Armani or Pierre Cardin's best sellers.  But I could be wrong.


Anita said...

Football!! Just like his granddad and great uncle, Ray and great great uncle, Charles! What position?

:o) mg said...

He's the 3rd string Center and 7th string Defensive Guard
(aka not much playing time this year if at all)

lizzerd said...

julia will be playing in the marching band for her school's JV & V football games. all we need is a cheerleader & a drama freak & we've got the whole high school microcosm! ;)

Anita said...

We are in luck...Rachel just made cheerleading. We are almost there...just a choir member and drama freak left.....any one, any one?

Anita said...

Is it just me or would either of you secretly like to play football too? I think it would be fun to get to hit people. Yes, you read what you read. Hit people. Only problem is I don't fancy being hit.

lizzerd said...

anita, i had wanted to play when i was in high school, but the coaches were not too keen on it & i don't think dad was, either.
i was a drama freak & MG was in choir. hahaa

Anita said...