Saturday, August 13, 2011

in which a very proud mom brags about her football playing son

So, at the same time #1 was in a pre-season tournament, #2 was a couple of towns over at a pre-season scrimmage game.  King & I bet he wouldn't get much, if any, playing time.  And this, my dear readers is why neither of us go on trips to Vegas.
My sweet friend (#73's mom) snapped this picture before he went on the field....
to play Center!  All.The.Way.Through. the 4th quarter!
And according to her hubby (that would be #73's dad for people who like my tangent thoughts found within these parentheses) my boy didn't miss a snap...this includes shotgun snaps! (which I didn't know what those were until just now when I asked King, so if you don't know, I'll get him to explain it to you, too.)

I am one proud woman right now.  I'm talking Cloud 9.


Perryn said...

i'm thinking perhaps there's a fledgling auburn football star in the making here!! GO No.2!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see him play!! I know you are so proud of them both!!

La Rue

Anita said...

Well hello football genes!

lizzerd said...

please tell #2 (AKA #57 for those of you playing along at home) how proud we are of him!
your kids ROCK!