Friday, October 2, 2009

a pledge

Last night, as I ambled upstairs to get some much needed rest, I said "Gooddight" (with a rawther congested, nasally voice) to #1 who was sitting at the dining room table working on some book report.
"Oh," she started, "I, uh, am going to need you to type this."
"Are you finished? I mean, I feel like crap, honey, how much longer until you're done?"
"Uh, well, I don't know."
(Report is due tomorrow.)
"I'll have to type it in the morning. I am getting ready to go take a Benedryl, though, so you will have to remind me in the morning because I may be a bit groggy."
"Uh, well, ok."

Fast forward to this morning. She comes in and asks me what I think about her outfit. It takes a few minutes, but we find something for her to wear. Then I stumble back into my room and King and I change sheets and make up our bed. Then I proceed to unload all the millions of laundry baskets full of folded/ironed laundry that I made this week making piles for each family member.

The kids are all downstairs eating breakfast and getting ready for school. Number 1 comes upstairs to brush her teeth before heading to school. I look at her and in a moment of clarity, I panic. "Oh my stars, your report! Why didn't you remind me?!"

"Well, I thought you remembered since you were up."

She was tardy for the first time in a lot of years this morning and was none too happy about it. But I think I will leave this note on her pillow:

From this day forward, poor time management skills on your part will NEVER again constitute an emergency on my part.


lizzerd said...

gosh, i just cannot imagine where her procrastination must have come from. no one else in the family ever waited until the very last minute to do anything. i mean, gee i got through college doing 10 page term papers the night before they were due...oh, wait...uhhhh
ok, so maybe she is the granddaughter of "Procrastinus Maximus" and niece of "Ila Doitomorrow."
(also her cousin is bad at that)

Anita said...

Ahhhh young grasshopper, lesson learned.