Thursday, May 2, 2013

the jostens order

The high schoolers always have their Class Ring Ceremony at the beginning of their Junior year.  Order time is during the Spring of Sophomore year. 

Back then, No. 1 wasn't interested in buying a high school class ring, as she already had a Purity Ring and a Claddaugh ring.  She figured both ring fingers were spoken for, and when I told her that she would only be wearing it for just over a year, The Logical One decided to forgo the class ring tradition.  Smart girl.  Good listener.

Secondborn, however, was thrilled that this is the day that he gets to order his.  No. 1 assured him that she thought it was much cooler for boys to have class rings.  We told him the same truth that, truly, he won't wear his class ring much beyond the first week of his Freshman year of college.  This being our first time at this rodeo, we also informed him that we would pay for the basic cost ($80) of the cheapest class ring possible.  If he wanted to upgrade to "Yellow Lustrium" (which was another $125 and not even real gold), he would have to cough up the overage himself. 

I've never seen someone's face look quite as strained. 

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Anita said...

Ah, lessons in economics. They are hard lessons needed for life. What did No.2 decide?