Tuesday, April 23, 2013

punny stuff

No 5 doesn't usually find the things she says that crack the rest of us up as funny.  No matter how I try to explain to her that she has a great sense of humor, she thinks we are laughing at her.  She inherited the Naturally Funny Gene, which comes from both sides of my family.  My sister's girls inherited it, too. 

Saturday morning, she and I were headed to the birthday party of one of her friends.  We were on time leaving, but had to make a stop by the dollar store for something, which was going to put us about 5 minutes late to the party.

"Boo for red lights on a Birthday Party Morning."

Deciding to just go out for seafood instead of cooking.  We gave the waitress our order, which, much to No 5's chagrin, only included our drinks and entrees.

*Sigh*   "I wanted a Something-tizer."

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