Tuesday, July 3, 2012

if it is this lovely in summer, bet they're right about it in the fall

King and I spent a day in Boston recently.  Here are my thoughts:

-Parking anyone?  No wonder everyone walks!

-Do any of you sweet people walking around Brookline actually work, or do you just walk and ride your bikes, and push your babies in strollers around?

-Hey Boston, can you show the rest of America's cities how to keep themselves clean?

-No wonder it's called Bean Town, the drivers are constantly tooting.

-Fenway Victory Gardens- oh.my.gosh!  How cool is that?

-Toll roads?  Why didn't you warn me, I would have brought cash?!?!

le lobstah
Boston Common, oldest park in America
Folks learning to sail, now, ain't that perty, y'all?
gilded grasshopper atop Faneuil Hall
this Duck Tour bus/boat was actually made during WWII (1944) to be used as a military amphibious landing vehicle
Duck Tour boat- a replica of the WWII military vehicle

While waiting for a Duck Tour (highly recommend, if ever...),we see a tall block building with no windows (at least on the side we can see). We asked someone sitting nearby what it was. "Part of the Christian Science plaza." "Ahh," I replied, "that explains why there are no windows."

basically a mysterious, awkward tower that goes nowhere and has no windows to let in the light-
not that all of those facts mean anything at all...I'm just sayin'

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Anita said...

Somebody is having a good time! Yay for King and Mommy!