Wednesday, April 11, 2012

not gonna lie

image found from the internet

I'm just gonna say this out loud: I think Bubba Watson is the cutest golfer ever!

I am thrilled that he won the Masters Tournament this year.  In fact, when he came and played a handful of years ago, I wanted him to win then, too.  His is an amazing story.  I admire him.  And I'm not gonna lie, he is quite easy on the eyes.

He and his fellow golfin' Besties made this video and I think how much fun it must be to be young and clever like they are.  (Be sure to watch "the making of" after you watch the video... funny stuff.)


Anita said...

Golf Boys video = HI-larry-us!

Anita said...

Love his story, his faith, and his excitement to be a new father. Must be getting old though, because all I can when seeing his picture is...Bubba needs a haircut.