Wednesday, April 18, 2012

just call 'em "maters" and no one will get hurt

King and I ran down to the local plant nurseries on Saturday.  We bought azaleas and dogwoods, and it was a glorious day.

While we were gone, the kids watched a couple of cooking shows. They are sorta weird like I was at that age -  I could waste a whole Saturday just watching Julia Child or Nathalie Dupree create simple or more complex dishes with ease.  Ahh, those were the days.  (when I wasn't actually responsible for cooking!)

Ennyhoo, back to present time.  Rachel Allen, the Irish Cooking Queen, was making Slow Cooked Lamb with Coriander and Cumin and Peperonata, among other yummy things.  She discussed the various aspects of blanching tomatoes so that the peels can be removed easily.  All throughout the she pronounced the word "toh-mahh-toe".  Over and over. Sorta like she does here.   Y'know, you'll have that with Europeans, 'cause they're all swanky and stuff. 

Finally, no 5 had had enough of that funny talk.

"It's 'tah-may-to' you Fat Pig!" she muttered under her breath....

No. 3 nearly passed out from laughing so hard!


lizzerd said...

that girl is a riot!!!!

Anita said...

You say tah-may-to. I say toh-mahh-toe.