Saturday, June 25, 2011

short takes

Did you ever notice that when you go to Ruby Tuesday, that for the most part, it's only the overweight people who choose that scrumptious salad bar?  It's the twiggy lightweights who stay in their booths eating meals described in the menu as "Breaded chicken breast served over al dente penne tossed in Parmesan cream sauce, then finished with marinara and melted Swiss."  
Food pyramid indeed.  Me thinks we are being lied to by the FDA.
What. Ev!
Upside for Capitalism: All this rabbit food is helping all the plus size clothing stores stay in business.


The three older kids are all gone this week.... one is off at summer camp, the other two are in Louisiana at Steubenville South, a life-changing Catholic retreat.  It is the first time any of them have done anything like it, and I am so excited for them.  No doubt King and I miss them, but not as much as # 4 and #5...........Well, actually I am not sure if it is "missing them" as much as it is the fact that

"Three fifths of their wait staff is missing."

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MJDMom said...

That last comment has me rolling. I have finally noticed this with my #4. I ask her to do something and she seriously delegates to her 6 year old sister. She's only 2! We are in trouble. I have to ban the 6 year old from "helping" her in that way!