Tuesday, June 28, 2011

gaffaw- n. a loud and boisterous laugh; a burst of deep loud hearty laughter

I have noticed that it takes above-average intelligence to possess a wonderfully quick wit that catches me off guard and tickles me absolutely to my soul.

As a handful of friends and I were recently disturbing the patrons of a local eatery with boisterous peels of laughter, I was reminded of how much I truly appreciate people who have such brilliant senses of humor. 

Sadly, I don't take enough opportunities to laugh like that at home. 

Being a parent is such a nose-to-the-grindstone act of love, but without laughter, it is hard to feel the joy.  I do laugh with #1 on the rare instances when it is just the two of us.  And #2 is starting to be "in on the joke" most of the time as well.  I rejoice in the fact that the three youngest are quickly on their way to maturing to the point that I don't have the mind-numbing job of monitoring each mundane moment of their lives. which is sometimes a desert, void of fertile opportunities for much laughter. 

Upside of it all:  if possessing a razor-sharp wit takes uber smarts, it's lucky for me that I am surrounded by children who are well-equipped!

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