Sunday, May 16, 2010

where's the glue?

In case you don't read Darby Stickler's blog "Fly Through Our Window", can I at least direct you to this recent entry? I will wait while you read it.

Still waiting.

Now. How many of the things on her list jumped right off the screen and smacked you right between your beautiful peepers?

Truthfully this was like a sock in the gut for me:
Let's not confuse our culture's shallow idea of celebrity beauty with the kind of attractiveness that Godly character produces.
King has told me so many times that I am "a beautiful woman of whom God is surely proud". I have batted down the compliment each time. For one reason, being a Southerner, I am not supposed to accept compliments, right? But the other, main reason I bat it away every time is that I have been running in vain after worldly beauty.
I do wish (and think I have mentioned before) that there was a way that I could see myself the way King sees me, the way my children see me, the way so-many-other-people-I-love see me....
but mostly the way God sees me. After all, I want to be the most beautiful to Him.
Therefore, Darby's wise reminder from what she learned in her Genesis bible study will, from now on, be pasted above every single mirror in this house. I think the children we are raising will benefit from the reminder as well.


Anita said...

So what will you put on the mirror? One thought: What a beautiful child of God you are! All of yours fit that bill (including mom and dad)!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the reminder :) King is soo right. xoxo

MaryPat said...

I love her blog--and it's a good point. Godly beauty is for real. I also happen to think you're earthly pretty. :)