Sunday, May 2, 2010


We survived it.

Our nearly 100 year old house almost didn't, but the rest of us survived an After-Spring-Formal-for-fourteen-7th-graders last night. Number One, gorgeous soul that she is, wore a vintage dress (much to her mother's delight) and Number Two, handsome lad that he is, wore the "uniform" of first year students: white pants, white oxford, navy tie, and navy blazer.

They looked so beautiful with their partners, but here they are together at the house before leaving for the dance.


lizzerd said...

nuh uh!! they look fantastic!! is that a hollywood bump-it? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dress!!!!!
gotta say, #2 is about the best-looking boy ever (came by that honestly). he cleans up good, too! hehehehe

MJDMom said...

Can I just say I am so impressed with her classy fashion choices? What a beautiful girl inside and out. He looks darn handsome too!

:o) mg said...

not a hollywood bumpit... I actually did the "do". Watched a bunch of youtube videos re: beehive.

:o) mg said...

ps- it took longer to get all the backcombing (teasing) out of her hair than it did to do the whole hairstyle.