Monday, July 6, 2009


Lately in the evenings I hit a brick wall in the energy department. I can go and go and go and then all of a sudden, I need a drool rag. It recently happened when we were up in NC at my mom's. She and I went to the grocery store after sundown. Having a hard time putting one foot in front of the other as though I was in quicksand, I told her, "I seemed to have lost the plot. And if the plot gets any thicker, I'm going under."


lizzerd said...

now you know why the old woman naps!

Perryn said...

i guess it's just a consequence of being a great mom to five lovely, energetic kids. just to be on the safe side, though, have you thought about getting yourself tested for diabetes - especially if this is a sudden thing that's happening and is actually more than the busy mom type of tired? overwhelming tiredness can be one of the early symptoms and is less obvious that the usual chronic thirst/constant need to use the bathroom etc. it was what prompted my mom to go to the doctor and the tests showed diabetes. obviously, my mom is a lot older than you, but it never hurts to rule stuff out! hope all's well with you all!. love from this end of the swamp!