Saturday, July 11, 2009

photo ID quiz

I saw the photo when I was reading Little Jenny Wren's latest blog entry tonight. I immediately recognized the kitchen I had spent so many hours in, but never really had been there at all.

Do you recognize whose kitchen it is? I'll give you a hint, it does not belong to any of the ladies making such a fuss over the cake.


Sandy said...

Betty Crocker?

:o) mg said...

Nope. Not Betty Crocker. Guess again.

Here's a prediction: My sister will know and it will lead to smarty-pants comments about said kitchen owner.

lizzerd said...

is it mr rogers' kitchen? (your "daddy") there, did i live up to expectations?

:o) mg said...

Yep, it looks just like the kitchen from the set of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. (I absolutely LOVED him when I was a kid and my sister teases me about it, but that's ok... I am a well-adjusted adult tee hee hee)
Also, the "table" that they are using to make that cake - the really low one that makes that chick on the right look like an Amazon woman - on the set of Mr. Rogers, the lid lifts up and there is sand table underneath.