Tuesday, June 2, 2009

getting old: grab the smelling salts, mamma's got a cracked tooth

Ok, it's official, no denying it now, I am OLD.
Back around Christmastime I noticed that one of my molars hurt occasionally when I would chew on something hard. It wouldn't be every time I ate, but when I bit down "the wrong way" I had a mouthful of pain. It eventually got better-ish and I figured I'd wait until my next dental appointment to have it diagnosed.
Yesterday was said appointment.
The diagnosis: Cracked tooth syndrome
The treatment:
First step: crown
Second step (if crown doesn't repair the problem): root canal
Final step (Can you hear "Taps" in the background, too?): removal of tooth and either an implant or a bridge.

I can't even go to Google and look this stuff up without getting a cold, clammy feeling. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I feel like passing out.
Quick, somebody get the "vaypahs".
I know you may think I am being a "bit-fat-baby-head" about it all. But you don't understand. My smile is all I've got. I used to awake in a puddle of sweat after having had a nightmare about my teeth falling out.
Thankfully, I have the world's sweetest dentist and I do feel as though I am in very good hands. I won't think about the fact that he was probably born when I was graduating high school.

Next up:
getting old part two: why do I now have whiskers?
getting old part three: Depends or those blue pads
getting old part three: how to choose a burial plot


lizzerd said...

oh dear. i remember dad cracking teeth like there was no tomorrow. remember the pearl in the oyster at drydock?
i have nightmares that my teeth are crumbling, too!

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better..I have already accomplished stage 1 and 2 of getting old! ; ) Mmw

Maureen said...

I have a chipped tooth and I'm eighteen, haha.

:o) mg said...

mmw.. you do NOT have whiskers. Your skin is about as "peaches and cream" as it gets.
You nut!

Bia said...

Oh, dear. And I'm with you . . . I could never, ever be brave enough to google ANYTHING related to dentistry.

Gives me the shivers.

Makes me lightheaded.

Makes me want to think of something else . . . wildflowers, rainy afternoons with a good book, movie night.

There. All better.