Friday, June 12, 2009


Number 5 is having a blast finding her way around the big fwimmin pooh. She has even decided she can jump off the side of the pool to either King or me. Trouble is, you never know when she is going to actually jump.... it could be:
  • one, twoooo, freee, jump, or
  • one twoooo, freee, fwoha, fie, jump, or
  • one, twoo, jump, or even
  • one, twoo, free, fwoha, fie, siss, sebbin, eight, jump!

Therefore, you cannot take your eyes off of her (not that I would, dontcha know). She makes me nervous, as she doesn't exactly jump a far way from the side of the pool. I'm so skeered that she is gonna hit her head on the side of the pooh.

Brother, however, knows no fear and sallies forth without a care in the world (strapped into a swim vest!!). His main goal is to have all the fun he can at every moment.

Hm... might be something to that line of reasoning.


Kathlene said...

We need to get Brother & Jack together! They sound exactly alike! Full throttle all the time!

:o) mg said...

Sure... but we will need something to drink to go along with the playdate. You bring the lime, I'll bring the tequilla.