Friday, December 6, 2013

the list

Dear Santa,
After we recently spoke to you and agreed that since things were a bit squeezy, you'd bring each of our kids just one thing, we broke the news to our kids.  For some reason the spoiled rotten brats older kids moaned and rolled their eyes, but the same sweet girl who left the list above said, "That's ok if he only brings us one gift, because then he can bring the poor people more stuff."
So, just in case you wanted a few stocking stuffer ideas, I decided to share this list with you.  I know you probably are well-versed in the language of 'First Grade Phonetic', but I thought I'd make it easy on you, seeing how it's so close to The Big Day and all:
bunny slippers, big Hello Kitty doll, big pack of gum x 2, a toy shark, whale, and baby whale (ps she wants it to be able to go into the water), oh and last but not least, high heels with "see through."

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Anita said...

Hope it was a very Merry Christmas and New Year's celebrations for all especially the whale lover!!