Saturday, July 20, 2013

plain goofiness

The last page of the recent issue of House Beautiful featured the plans of nine decorators when/if they encounter a rainy Saturday afternoon.  King, the kids, and I giggled at the ways these fakers described what they would do.  One, Steve, said he would prepare plates of figs or grapes, sausage, cheeses, and wine for anyone who might drop by to relax on the deep couch he has on his covered porch (figs, sausage, and a deep couch, eh?).  "Everybody's welcome," he added. 

What would he do if our motley crew showed up at his Sag Harbor doorstep? 

So, no. 4 decided what he was going to do on the next rainy Saturday was to "put on his metal underwear and go fly a kite with a key on the string in the front yard." 


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